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Technical Note 01
System Files Installed with Eminence Designer 1

The following system files are installed with and required by Eminence Designer 1. The Eminence Designer setup program will copy a system file to the destination computer if one does not already exist on it or if an older version is located there. A system file will not be installed if a newer one is already located on the destination computer. For this reason, you may see that some of these files have newer dates on your computer.

The system files required by Eminence Designer 1 are stored in the location (path) indicated below.

Path:  c:\windows\system32\
     Asycfilt.dll         115 KB   05/19/97
     Btn32x10.ocx    264 KB   08/29/97
     Comcat.dll          21 KB   10/31/96
     Comct232.ocx   152 KB   07/19/97
     Comctl32.ocx    590 KB   07/19/97
     Comdlg32.ocx   126 KB   07/19/97
     Ctl3d32.dll          26 KB   08/21/96
     Mfc40.dll           900 KB   07/31/96
     Msvbvm50.dll   1315 KB   07/19/97
     Msvcrt40.dll       319 KB   07/31/96
     Oleaut32.dll       480 KB   05/19/97
     Olepro32.dll       112 KB   05/19/97
     Riched32.dll       170 KB   01/13/97
     Richtx32.ocx      192 KB   07/19/97
     Stdole2.tlb           16 KB   05/19/97
     Tabctl32.ocx      188 KB   07/19/97
     Threed32.ocx     196 KB   01/12/96

Note: The system files listed above should normally not be removed by the user. This is because they may also be required by other programs which were installed before or after Eminence Designer.


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