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Technical Note 02
How to Manually Start the Eminence Designer 1 Setup Program

Many Eminence Designer discs were manufactured without the "auto start" feature because the disc serves as the "key" to the program. As such, it must be inserted into the computer DVD/CD drive each time that the program is used. If the "auto start" feature were enabled, the installer would try to run every time the disc was inserted. Therefore, the Eminence Designer installer must be started manually when the program is first installed. It's easy to do as described below:

Eminence Designer Installation Procedure

  1. Select the "Run" command in the Windows "Start" menu. The "Run" dialog shown below will appear:
    Enter the appropriate command in the

  2. Enter the drive letter of your DVD/CD drive followed by ":\setup-d\setup.exe" in the "Open" input box. Do not include the quotation marks. If the drive letter of your DVD/CD drive is "d" then the full text would be "d:\setup-d\setup.exe" as illustrated above.
  3. Click the "OK" button of the "Run" dialog and the setup program on the disc should start.


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