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Technical Note 10
Minimum Driver Parameters

The absolute minimum driver parameters required by Eminence Designer 1 are Fs, Vas and Qts. However, if only these parameters are entered, it will force Eminence Designer to make certain assumptions about the driver and will greatly limit which performance graphs will be available to analyze a speaker design. The table below lists which driver parameters are required for different analyses:

Minimum driver parameters table.

The minimum driver parameters for a full analysis are displayed in the "Driver" tab of the "Design Properties" window when it is not configured in "expert mode". (All parameters are displayed in "expert mode".) Eminence Designer provides more than one set of minimum driver parameters. The minimum driver parameters are the smallest set of parameters that allow a full and complete analysis of a speaker design. This set can be further divided into the minimum parameters for just a "small signal" analysis and the minimum parameters for both a "small signal" and "large signal" analysis.

Notice that Fs, Vas, Xmax, Re, Le, Z and Pe are always required for a full analysis. However, Qms and Qes can be swapped with BL and Qts. Also Sd can be swapped with Dia. To swap parameters, click on one of the swappable ones as shown below:

Some of the minimum parameters can be changed by clicking on them.

Notice in the example above that the balloon help will appear whenever the pointer hovers over a parameter label (unless balloon help has been turned off in the "Preferences" window). The help message will describe the parameter and state if it can be swapped. In this example, the Qms parameter can be swapped and so it says "Click for Qts and BL." To change it, click on it once with the left mouse button. Qms and Qes will disappear and Qts and BL will appear. Click on Qts or BL to switch back. The default minimum parameters can be set in the "Normal Mode Settings" section of the "Driver" tab of the "Preferences" window.

Notice the "Highlight Minimum Parameters for:" section on the right side of the "Driver" tab. Use it to identify which parameters are necessary for a small signal and large signal analysis. In the example below, the "Small Signal Analysis" selection was chosen and the corresponding parameters are highlighted with a light background:

The minimum parameters for a small-signal and/or large-signal analysis can be highlighted.

Finally, please remember that the accuracy and completeness of the driver parameters will greatly affect the capabilities and accuracy of Eminence Designer.


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