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Technical Note 13
Can Eminence Designer 1 Use the Driver Database from BassBox 6 Pro?

Some have noticed that Eminence Designer 1 is a custom version of BassBox 6 Lite. Some have asked if it can use the driver database of Bassbox 6 Pro. Sorry, the answer is "no". Eminence Designer has no ability to use or view the data in the driver database that we provide with our "pro" programs, BassBox 6 Pro and X•over 3 Pro. This means that users of Eminence Designer must enter driver parameters manually. But this shouldn't be difficult because the program provides an "expert mode" to analyze parameters as you enter them and help you spot errors. Plus you should never have to enter the parameters for the same driver more than once because you can save a speaker design and re-open it again later to reuse the driver data for a new design.

You could even create your own "database" of sorts because Eminence Designer does not require you to enter box information when you save a "design". You could enter just the parameters for a driver and then save the "design" using the model name of the driver for the file name. This is how we created many of the Eminence driver parameter files that are included with Eminence Designer. Over time you could build up your own collection of design files that contain only driver information. Whenever you want to create a new design, you could use the "Import" button on the "Driver" tab of the "Design Properties" window to load the driver data from one of your previously saved files into your new design.

If a large driver database is essential and you already have an Eminence Designer license, then we recommend that you consider upgrading to BassBox Pro. We offer discounted prices to existing customers. See the Upgrade page on our main website for pricing information.


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