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Technical Note 17
Can the Main Window and Graph of Eminence Designer 1 Be Resized?

Can the main window be resized?
Sorry, the answer is "no". The main window of Eminence Designer 1 has a fixed size. It cannot be resized. Nor can its size be maximized to full screen. The only way to force the main window to look bigger is with the display resolution setting of Microsoft Windows. If you set your display to a lower resolution and set your monitor to scale the Windows desktop to full screen, then Eminence Designer's main window will appear larger. The graphics cards of some computers also provide a "zoom" feature that may enable you to enlarge the main window of the program.

Can the graph be resized?
Yes, in part. Since the size of the main window is fixed, the graph cannot be scaled to a different size. However, its height can be adjusted within the main window. Hover the mouse pointer over the horizontal line that divides the design panel area in the upper portion of the window from the main graph in the lower portion. The pointer will change to an up/down arrow. When it does, click and drag the window taller or shorter. The "Graph" menu also includes a "Height" submenu with commands to quickly maximize or minimize the height of the main graph within the main window.


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