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Technical Note 04
Some System Files Won't Self Register During the Setup Process

Some of the system files must be "registered" with the operating system and the setup program should handle this. On rare occasions a system file may fail to register and the setup program will end. This can happen if an older copy of a system file is in use during the setup process. If this happens, restart Windows, shut down all programs and start the setup program again.

If the problem persists or there were no programs running, write down the name of the system file that failed to register. After the setup program ends, check to see if a copy of the system file already exists. If it does, rename it so that it will not longer be usable. For example, change the last character of its name to a "z". (Sample: Change "asycfilt.dll" to "asycfilt.dlz".) After the system file is renamed, run the setup program again.

If the problem still persists, it may indicate that there are more serious problems with Windows and the best solution may be to reinstall Windows on your computer. However, this is recommended only for users with adequate computer experience.


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